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Our Advantages

Advisory Board

Our advisory board of top professionals in education actively support the effort to identify programs, content and new teaching methods.

Our Community

A strong sense of community between parents, teachers, and children creates a caring, familial environment. Working together allows us to reach the best educational level for each child.

Combined Integrated Curriculum

Our Montessori- based curriculum is further complemented by the best teaching methods from around the world including, but not limited to, Singapore Math and Jolly Phonics-all provided in bilingual English-French classrooms.

Eco Friendly

We created our school in an eco-friendly, beautiful environment.  Our school offers natural light, high ceilings, and is furnished with responsibly cultivated materials whenever possible. 

Proudly in Monaco

We are the only bilingual Montessori, eco-friendly school in Monaco.  Overlooking the breathtaking port of Monaco we foster a love of learning with views of sea, land, and sky.

Delicious Organic Food

Nutrition being a key factor in the development of the child, we offer daily balanced, low sugar, organic meals and snacks. Each meal is prepared by a private chef and delivered in an electric vehicle.

Safety, Security and Privacy

Protecting the safety, security and privacy of our children and their families is our priority. With best-of-breed safety standards, we provide information-security protection for the children and their families' private information as well as uncompromising physical security of the facility.

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