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Parents' Quotes

“La petite Ecole is a place where my son Tommaso is growing by playing. Teachers have a big heart and rivers of patience. The school is surrounded by this positive aurora that makes it special. Every little one is treated with care and utmost respect knowing that each of them is very different and develop at its own pace. The only thing that is small about la petite Ecole is the name, everything else that my son gets is big!”   -- Tommaso’s Dad


"Since his first day at La Petite Ecole, our son has blossomed and enjoyed every single day of school. We only see a big smile when we drop him off in the morning and he always talks so fondly about his teachers and friends when he is back at home.”   -- Lucas’ Mom


“La Petite Ecole Montessori’s approach is accompanied by a truly supportive, familial and gentle environment. We feel so fortunate that he can have such a happy start to his learning life."  -- Vladimir’s Mom


“Within the past 2-3 days my daughter now sings the entire A-B-C, in both English and French! You and your team are doing an amazing job. We are thrilled that we found you. Such an amazing kindergarten you have created.”   -- Yuli‘s Mom


“La petite école c’est l’école comme à la maison. J’adore quand j’arrive à la petite école le matin et Andrea me pousse dehors avec un grand sourire : )”   -- Andrea’s Mom

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