Humanitarian Aid

La Petite Ecole Monaco is committed to being a positive contributor to the global community by empowering and supporting less fortunate children in developing countries through initiating and financing the participation in humanitarian aid programs to promote education:

Supporting and Empowering 450 Orphans in Liberia

For the 2018-2019 school year La Petite Ecole Monaco will support and empower a non-profit, non-governmental orphanage in war-torn Liberia. The orphanage is home to 450 children aged 2 to 18 years who depend on the orphanage for food, healthcare, shelter, clothes and education.


  • Self Sufficient Agriculture: La Petite Ecole Monaco will assist by acquiring an acre of agricultural land next to the orphanage where the older orphans can learn and produce plant-based food self-sufficiently.

  • Water Purification and Efficiency: La Petite Ecole Monaco will partner with a water purification manufacturer to donate the equipment and training needed to purify the water used at the orphanage and manage its use for agricultural efficiently.

  • Montessori and Math Education: La Petite Ecole will provide its Montessori and Math curriculums and learning materials to the orphanage, to be combined with the local teaching techniques.

Building Schools in Partnership with Mission Enfance

For the 2018-2019 school year, La Petite Ecole is committed to partner with Monaco's Mission Enfance to build new schools in developing countries, such as Laos. The schools we will build in partnership with Mission Enfance are financed by La Petite Ecole Monaco, and will serve hundreds of children in less privileged countries.  The schools will promote hygiene and health education as well as critical training in those countries.  

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