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After-school Activities

At La Petite Ecole we enrich our children’s learning experience, broaden their horizons, equip them with skills and, once in a while, we simply have fun together. From book clubs, music and dance, gymnastics, swimming, and to even yoga!

After-school activities are open to all our school's children every afternoon.

Swimming classes
Following the success of the first year, we continue to provide swimming classes in small groups at the breathtaking Cap Estel Hotel's private indoor pool.

Music and Movement
One of the highlights in our children’s week is our music and dance class. Our children learn different rhythms, dance moves, musical instruments, and have a blast!

Science for Kids
As an introduction to science from an early age, this after school activity exposes our children to the basics of chemistry, astronomy, biology, physics and more. Physical experiences with natural materials, experimenting and observing, combining fundamental science and technology basics.

Sports and Gymnastics

Our sports and gymnastics class with an experienced instructor has been a huge success, and will continue for both age groups,  during the school day and as an additional after-school activity.

For both the younger and older groups, we offer yoga classes with experienced instructors. We learn and practice yoga through breathing, mindfulness, relaxation and yoga basics.

Birthday Parties
This year we have begun celebrating our children's birthdays in customized parties according to the children’s and parents’s preferences. “My little Pony” and “Cars” birthday themes are a huge success, during which our teachers lead educational activities .

Cooking Classes
Since the school's founding, our children in both age groups enjoy cooking classes during the school day and as an after-school activity. This upcoming school year we will introduce a new cooking class program developed for kids in the UK.

Arts and Crafts
Our arts and crafts classes, both during daytime and as after-school activity, expose the children to different materials enable them to explore and create while they achieve structured goals.

Land Art
During land-art classes our children experience creating art from nature while connecting to and learning about nature and the environment.

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