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Our New Location

In September 2018, we opened our new location on the beautiful Port Hercule in Monaco.

Our new space was previously an art gallery with high ceilings, wide spaces, and an abundance of natural light.  Renowned Monegasque architect Christian Curau redesigned the space to create a warm and natural environment built from natural materials.

The new location includes over 400 sq. meters of:

  • Spacious classrooms: unlike any classical school boasting over 40 sq. meters per class.

  • Library area: for reading in small groups and one-on-one focus.

  • Play area: with wooden building blocks and practical life educational games.

  • Reception and greeting area: for an easy morning welcome and pick up.

  • Parents-teachers lounge: for personal meetings available any time.

  • Kitchen: to prepare healthy morning and afternoon snacks, and to warm our daily, organic lunch.

Additionally, we have over 400 sq. meters of private outdoor space, divided into sport and nature areas, with view to the mountains,  the water, and open to Monaco's beautiful blue skies.

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